About Pacquo

Through dedication and attention to detail, Pacquo has developed his signature style to be recognizable yet innovative, experimental yet classic. He discovered, in early childhood, a love for all things creative and immediately began expressing his ideas through painting, a craft he still pursues today.

His passions lured him to the industry of fashion in Paris and Milan, Pacquo trained with one of the most influential British Fashion Designers and quickly learned the Business side of the industry. however, the Tragic passing of an iconic koryphaeus in fashion, sparked a desire in Pacquo to re-evaluate the direction of his career, He started exploring new career pathes, ones which allowed him, to express himself as a true creative visionary,

While attending Fashion Week, Pacquo found himself surrounded by an abundance of inspiration. An opportunity, to work as a make-up artist, presented itself and Pacquo felt he had returned home.He immediately knew that was where he belonged.As a make-up artist he found a platform where he is able to combine his creative passion for art and the illusions of color.

Working as a freelance make-up artist in Berlin, Pacquo consults for several domestic and international media outlets, performance shows and photographers.

Pacquo will draw you into the magical world of color like no other.

Mob  + 49 152 152 753 71
Email: pacquo@pacquo.de